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Camfil-Farr filters meet iso-9001 standards.                                                Camfil-Farr filters are excellent replacement filters for many leading brands.
Save money in the long run by purchasing your replacement filters from Camfil-Farr filters are THE workhorse filters for high efficiency heaters and air-conditioners.    
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Is there a waterproof version of rataway available? Yes, it is available at Rataway is effective against other animals too. It is available at               
Rataway can protect the wiring in your engine. You can purchase Rataway at Rataway is a preventative maintanance program against chewing animals.                                     

Rataway is non-poisonous, non-toxic, and safe around children, pets, and service personnel                                                        

Plumbers are now running red and blue PLASTIC water lines, add rats and you have a water damage disaster waiting to happen