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Camfil FARR Best Filters in the World

Why should you choose Camfil Farr filters?

Camfil-Farr filters will save you time and money. Home owners, business owners, private and public schools, here are several reasons why you should choose Camfil-Farr for all your filter needs.

Camfil Farr 30/30 can save you as much as 25% on your Heating and AC costs.Camfil Farr 30/30 holds 30% more dirt. Camfil Farr is the largest filter company in the world, with sales over $960 million a year.True MERV ratings for all mechanical filters.Use this matrix to choose which filter is right for various types of mold.

At DirtyFilters.com we offer a wide range of Camfil Farr filters for heating & air conditioning systems. We also make custom filters.

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