Hall Of Shame

Once coils get dirty like the ones shown below, it is almost impossible to clean them without removing them from the unit.

This coil is impacted with DOG HAIR... How would you like to be breathing that!

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Lennox pulse furnace heating coil



This is how coils look when they have not had their filters changed.

Again, once the coil gets dirty it's nearly impossible to clean.

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These are some of the cheap filters that are often bought at local hardware stores. Dirt goes right through them!

These filters were taken from commercial air conditioning unit serviced by an air conditioning service company.





This person now uses Farr filters.



This is an example of how the dirt goes right through the filter.

As you can see, the back side of the filter is about as dirty as the front, meaning that the dirt goes right through.

filter filter dirty filter
This is the inside of the filter. This is the front of the filter. This is the back of the filter.



dirty filters shreded filters
This filter is nearly ready to tear right out of it's frame. This coil is half plugged solid, after the cheap filter was torn out of its jacket. This is what is left of the filter.


Buy your filters from http://www.DirtyFilters.com.
INSIST that your service company uses quality Farr filters only.
Pleated Farr filters can hold more dirt than panel filters, requiring them to be changed less often... saving you money!